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Well I don’t have a whole lot of new things to add this week, but I felt like I should say something. Work continues to go well, dance is also keeping me busy, our intramural volleyball team keeps losing but has tons of fun doing so, and life keeps rolling on. It’s been a rough week, actually, playing the waiting game and drawing a blank, but I’m hoping that something will change soon– either my feelings or their actions. (Haha, that is vague. It will stay vague.) BYU won its last home game today– WOOT!!– and I took up the stands with my ward this time, as my group ditched out for the game. Fun times! I need to keep getting out and making friends. I forget that sometimes, but they are so awesome and friendly so it all works out in the end. Wow, this is almost as jumbled as some of my journal entries!! I’m working hard to keep a peaceful spirit with and be patient and calm. That seems to be my current challenge. I’m determined to try, though. Well, this should probably end soon for the sake of all involved. LOL

Live well and pray often 🙂

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Colin · November 10, 2008 at 6:02 am

“live well and pray often.” great advice. 🙂

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