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I think I need to practice writing more creative titles. You know what I don’t get, I don’t get blogging. Not in the sense that I do it, to kinda update my family/friends about my life– I don’t get the bloggers that write something so incredible that hundreds of people read the blog daily and comment on it, etc. What’s so special about what they write? And what are all those people doing who revolve their lives around reading other people’s stories? It makes you wonder.

Clearly I don’t have anything very profound to say tonight. I should mention how wonderful Thanksgiving was, spending a few days with my family in Missouri. I could handle an eternity of that, I think. Especially if we got to go shopping together! We went to the dollar store again this year to get gifts for the little boys, and it’s always fun to see if there are fun toys that the “big” kids might like… and they make great spoof gifts! I also gifted myself a little early– new boots, new purse, and new jeans. Really though, just the purse was a splurge, as the boots are good for winter church/work wear, and I’ve been needing new jeans for several months. Oh yes, I can rationalize with the best of them. Purses? Who doesn’t need another purse or two? 🙂

Well, the evening has drawn nigh and probably well beyond that. Rest well, this cold December night.

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Michelle · December 5, 2008 at 2:39 pm

Everyone can always use a new purse to spice up an outfit right?! I love all the cute clothes you bought!

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