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[Disclaimer: I meant to post this on Thursday the 4th, when this event happened. I haven’t changed anything because it sounds better in the present tense.]

Today for work we played field hockey in the grassy area north of the ASB… the field between the ASB and the Marriott center. Armed with brooms (our team) versus the sticks with paper “brooms” on the end, we faced off at the plunger, which marked the center field. Goals were the lovely Caution: Wet Floor signs. It was a pretty small field. Of course I wore my heels today… so after about 2 plays I ditched my shoes and hose. The grass was pretty cold. It got colder once wet flurries started falling. Our team won by 2 points—3-1. I had an awesome play at center field once the ref ( our division financial controller, Duane) threw the soccer ball. He threw it up and I had traded a teammate for a full-size broom. I raised it up and totally connected for a line drive to the goal. Sadly, the goalie (Leahmary) deflected it, but what a hit!

Someone took pictures of us… hopefully I can get my hands on some for ya. But yes, it was flurrying outside as I was running around barefoot swinging my broom. My feet were prickly numb as I walked back in. Don’t worry, I didn’t put my shoes on until I had thawed and cleaned my feet. Yes, I walked barefoot into the ASB. This is why Pres. Samuelson works on the 3rd floor and we work in the basement. But, that is also where the party is always at.

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