10 Things That Bug Me

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I’ve been tagged! I don’t have a lot of blog followers that I know of, though, so I’m not going to tag anyone… yet. So, in no particular order of importance, here goes.

1. People that don’t plan ahead. I am not the most punctual person all the time, but if something is starting at a certain time, I hate being put off that by someone else not planning ahead enough to make it on time.

2. Jerky drivers. Literally. It really bugs me if I’m a passenger and the driver is distracted and jerking to stay in the lines or not hit cars in front of me. Bless the boy who ends up with me, because I am pretty particular on how I should be driven around. On the upside, though, I love people who are totally in control of the car. I guess I just like knowing that I’m not going to die or be potentially injured driving with someone.

3. Open cupboard doors, etc. I am no neat freak, but if there is a door on it, it should probably be closed. I have a distinct tendency to close cupboard doors in the kitchen if they aren’t being actively used. Same goes for microwaves, dishwashers, closets….

4. Loud noises. This one runs the gamut from gunshots to loud music, but mostly I mean the loud music, loud talking, slamming of doors, etc. My ears are a little sensitive to loud things, which means I usually react when a door slams, a balloon pops, etc. Quiet means peace. I also have a hard time with loud music if there is another person around that I may be talking to. I have a hard time listening to them if the music is above a certain level, just because the loudness is abrasive to my ears.

5. Slow people…. you have legs for a reason!! I believe in walking with a purpose, and I know just how long it takes me to get from point A to point B with my pace. Throw in a couple of meandering slow pokes though…. argh. Same goes for people walking across a crosswalk slow enough to let a snail beat them. Get some energy folks!

6. Dumb questions about things people should know. That sounds mean, but fortunately I rarely think questions are dumb. Just sometimes I get a little more short, and it really irks me if someone should know the answer to the question they are asking. Repetitive questions also annoy me after awhile.

7. I don’t like to be left behind if I’m running with a group. I usually will try to pace myself just ahead of the last person, even if only by a half step. It’s weird, but I don’t like being the tail. Which is rather ironic, since I’m usually the slowest person running anyways.

8. Arguments bother me. I prefer to just air things out in a mature conversation. Confrontation generally makes me very upset and not much good ever comes of being angry.

9. Dirty dishes, especially dirty countertops. I was raised with the understanding that cleaning the dishes means wiping off the countertops too. I don’t like to feel/see grittiness on the countertops, and I don’t consider the kitchen clean until the surfaces are clean too. On the same hand, I can’t stand walking on grit either.

10. The biggest thing that bugs me lately is my physical limitations. Between performing dance, watching dance, and dealing with various injuries, I have come to realize even more vividly just how much I can’t do. I can see in my mind what a move should look like, but making my body do it…. well the old gray goose she ain’t what she used to be. I know some if it is just getting in shape, practicing, stretching, etc, but with my back currently and my knee sometimes troublesome, it sure makes you stop and appreciate what you could do and what you can still do.

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Michelle · February 18, 2009 at 9:41 pm

The cupboard thing totally drives me crazy too. I’m funny about things like that. You can tell you are a lot like Chad in some ways. 🙂 Love ya!

Erica · February 19, 2009 at 7:24 am

I’d love to see what Chad would put on his top ten! We are rather similar…

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