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In the past month or so I’ve had some issues with misplacing things… generally when I’m on dates. For example, I left my diamond ring behind on one date where we made cookies. I didn’t realize it until a few hours later when all of a sudden my finger squawked in naked awkwardness during my enrichment meeting. Finally it settled down a little when I put a replacement ring on it, and fortunately the real ring was found and returned most promptly. Fast forward a few more days to another date… I had pulled out my cell phone from my purse while I was sitting in the car; my date was getting a movie at Redbox. He needed help choosing one since our first choice wasn’t there, so I chucked my phone into my purse and hopped out. After I was home and getting ready to set my alarm I realized that my phone was NOT in my purse! Honestly, I was more worried about not waking up in time for my all day rehearsal than I was about missing phone calls. Yes, my phone tends to get more action as an alarm clock than as a communication device. Sad, but true. Thankfully, my date found my phone and brought it back while I was at rehearsal.

Having misplaced two rather valuable items in connection with dates, you must be wondering what I lost this time. I guarantee, it’s great. Valuing in at thousands of dollars and several hundred pounds…. yes, I misplaced my car!!

Here’s what happened. I had a meeting at the ASB yesterday as part of my new job responsibilities (ps I have new work responsibilities!! I got a promotion of sorts and am now a liaison between processing and the Financial Aid home office!) Anyways, I drove up to my meeting, then came down to my office in the Amanda Knight Hall, which is right across the street from my apartment complex. By the end of the day I was so focused on my date that I ENTIRELY forgot that my car was at work and I needed to drive it home– across the street. My co-worker Brittany asked me about it when I got in this morning…. good thing or I might have forgotten it a few days more!

UPDATE: So I walked to my car after work to take it home (poor thing!) and found a lovely piece of lime green paper tucked under my windshield wiper. Yes, my slip of the mind cost me potentially $15 from BYU parking. Apparently, you can’t park in that lot between 1-5 am. Obviously I had no clue I was parked there but… I have appealed the ticket, eating some humble pie in order to explain that I honestly forgot my car. Yes, I really am blonde sometimes. Let’s hope they have mercy.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: The BYU Parking Office approved my appeal!! They either felt bad giving a dumb person a ticket for being dumb, or they got such a kick out of reading my appeal they had goodwill towards me! Either way, my ticket was reduced to $5. I feel like that is a fair price to pay given the situation.

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