Crystal Palaces out of Specks of Nothing

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It doesn’t take much to build a crystal palace– just a little speck of nothing. Well, I should say almost nothing, because a speck itself is something. You take that little speck and hold it in your hands ever so gently. The slightest wisp of air could lift it away forever, and it is easily damaged by just about everything. It is only fitting, then that it becomes a crystal palace– glistering fragility refracting a thousand rays of hope and light. As it oscillates in the sun it is divinely beautiful, casting a special glow on all around it.

I am very good at making crystal palaces out of specks of nothing. Except, they aren’t specks of nothing at all, just very small specks of something; they must be something if they exist.

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Colin · March 25, 2009 at 6:03 am

you lost me.. something about nothing being something.. or the other way around. or was it nothing about something being nothing… i’m gone.

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