Everybody has a story

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There are stories all around us. Every day, every person– stories surround us. We need to tell our stories. We need to tell the stories of our hours, our days, our lives. We need to tell the stories of our triumphs and failures. We need to tell the stories of our families. We need to tell the stories of our religion. We need to tell the stories that describe us.

How do you tell these stories? I believe that’s why we have Art. Some stories are told through paint, others through music. Some are told over kitchen table; others are told as best-sellers. Some are told through dance, others are told through traditions. It is your story to tell. Tell it how your story needs to be told.

I used to think my life was pretty rote and boring. And then I realized that stories surround us. Finding these stories and sharing them makes our lives more fulfilling, for every story has a driving force. Stories aren’t told for stories’ sake– they have purpose. When we can see the stories, when we are willing to tell the stories, then we might understand better why we have stories.

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