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We were supposed to do a tap show at the Thanksgiving Pointe Tulip Festival tonight. Unfortunately, the rain and the concrete stage proved very deterring, and we canceled the show. I was actually super excited to perform, and I really wanted to see the tulips. Traffic was slow and crazy all the way up from Provo, so we didn’t find out about the cancellation until we’d finally turned off into Thanksgiving Pointe. I drove down to the gardens and we sneaked some peeks of a few tulips … from my car. From what I saw it looks absolutely beautiful! We may reschedule for next week, so that would be fantastic. Our rehearsal last night was great, even though I had practically no energy to exert, and several times I wondered what it would be like to be a professional dancer. I feel justified in saying I’m a semi-professional dancer … mostly meaning that I don’t get paid to dance but sometimes people pay to see me. Haha. And really, I’m not in tip-top enough shape to legitimately try to be a professional. Besides, it’s not a very lucrative profession. I may not be making millions right now, but I’m doing better than a lot of professional dancers, I’m sure. Well, I have the whole Friday night to myself. I should probably make dance notes for “El Cumbanchero” so I can practice the dance. Erm. Learn the dance. And before that I’m going to take my heavily hair-sprayed hair and stage make-uped face into the kitchen for some dinner. I’m hungry!

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