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5 Things I Was Doing 5 Years Ago…
1. Learning how to slalom ski at Lake Powell
2. Slaving away at hot, humid greenhouse for hours a day
3. Graduating from high school; starting college
4. Being introduced to the wonderful world of folk dance
5. Dating my first RM

5 Things On My To-Do list…
1. Get in shape for my dance tour to Europe in 7 weeks
2. Buy shoes, wiggie, other accessories for said dance tour
3. Clean my closet and donate some of the clothes from 5 years ago … or more…
4. Read for my LDS Temples class
5. Buy more food. I like food.

5 Places I’ve Lived…
1. Monongahela, Pennsylvania
2. Provo, Utah
3. Carthage, Missouri
4. Louisiana, Missouri
5. Limerick, Ireland (for 3 weeks)

5 Things I Want To Be Doing In 5 Years…
1. Be graduated with my Master’s
2. Be married to an awesome guy
3. Still be performing or teaching dance
4. Have visited a tropical location and/or gone on a cruise
5. Making delicious food with produce from my garden

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