Living the Dream

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Our first venue: Maribor, Slovenia
July 4, 2009- closing night of the festival

This is the stage where I lived a life dream: June 30,2009. On that big stage, floating in the Drava River, the flags of the participating countries lining the backdrop and the bright lights illuminating the floor, I walked up the wooden gangplank and waited for the musicians to play. Did I walk? I’m pretty sure I hopped and skipped, tapped a friend on a shoulder just to say how excited I was, maybe even twirled once. I’ve performed hundreds of times, in many locations. But nothing can really equal the feeling I had as I stepped out to the strains of “Devil’s Dream”, doing a dance of my country as a representative on foreign soil. I think, just maybe, that beautiful dancer in my soul made a rare appearance that night. So often she is just a vision I have inside of me, but that night the real and the ideal harmoniously unified for a few magical minutes.

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