Lone Wolf

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Karlovac, Croatia July 7, 2009
On the way down from Dubovac, the old castle above Karlovac

During tour one of my friends said something to the effect that I was a bit of a lone wolf type. Not a loner, just a lone wolf. He said that it means I’m strong and I do my own thing, although I don’t avoid or dislike social settings. That characterization seems potentially right-on. I’m not sure I see myself as strong, but I have certainly survived by doing my own thing for quite a while. I’m just feeling more introspective today. I guess it’s hard for me sometimes to see my friends hooking up…. I am really happy and not jealous or anything like that, but it throws me off a bit. I came back from Europe actually really content with being single, but give the Provo atmosphere a few days and the same emotions surface again.

I’m excited to be moving forward in my life. I’m starting my master’s program officially in a few weeks, I’ll be in BYU’s World of Dance this fall, and I’m planning on going to Europe again next summer with Clog America (however I can get work to be lenient with me). Life is good. I am loving this summer! I am finally getting a decent tan to show for it all, and enough cuts from slip and sliding to prove I’m having fun. Even if I “lone wolf” it a little longer, that’s okay. There’s only one person in that picture there… but look how happy she is.

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