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A few days ago I was so bored I started reading what I had written on my blog, back when I first started it. Does that say something about me? I promise I’m not overly self-centered…. although my musings today may persuade you otherwise. Who are “you” anyways? I tend to write for my own amusement, although I certainly did post pictures/stories of my vacation for others to enjoy too. But generally… I just like writing. And it’s been altogether too long since I’ve written a rather random recitation… recapitulation… anyways (we’ll end that there).

So I have been thinking lately. I often do that, but I’ve been dwelling on some similar topics more as of late. On Saturday I went to the wedding reception of one of my good friends from folk dance and film class. Admittedly, I was rather late, but going alone just didn’t make me want to get up and go earlier. I’m really glad I made it though, because she and her husband are just so cute! Besides, you only get married once, and I really appreciated that I had been invited to share in their celebration of that. I think sometimes I forget how special it is for the couple and how unique a day its for them. I’m usually too wrapped up in my own insecurities to appreciate that aspect. Thankfully, though, all of that was gone at this reception. Maybe it was good to go alone and arrive late. I really came just to congratulate my friend and her new husband. For the first time in many receptions, I didn’t leave feeling sad, or ho-hum, or woe-is-me. I left happy and content.

Which leads me to a shocking revelation– I like being single. I mean, yes, I have hard days where I’m sad about the continual singleness of my life, but more and more I’m LOVING the freedom I have. From going to Europe to being in dance companies to starting grad school, I have a lot of freedom. I’m teaching a dance class this year, largely because I can and I want to. (Okay, so they desperately needed a teacher. At least I was highly referred by my excellent Irish dance sister, Ananda). Obviously the trip to Europe is an extreme of freedom, mostly satiating my travel-lust and a few life dreams, but going to graduate school is moderately responsible. I like being free to do that. Don’t worry, I’m sure somewhere in my future I’ll change my mind. But for those who have heard me bemoan my fate at times, please note the general shift of my paradigm. Yes, I’ll have bouts of loneliness in the future, but I think this marks the crossing of a threshold, in some small way.

I think this is sufficiently random. I hope in the future to recapture more of my fun “voice”– in re-reading past posts I noticed that it’s faded a little bit. Hopefully I’ll have some fun stories as the semester gets underway…. between World of Dance, teaching my Irish class, Clog America (which I have to re-audition for this year), grad school, work, football games, new ward…. etc etc, that should keep me pretty busy!

Oh, and did I mention a new-found hobby? Ok, it’s not really a hobby. It started more as a favor to a friend who wanted a model for some photography practice. But it was lots of fun! Here’s a few shots– kudos to Steve Myler, photographer extraordinaire. (The second one is his– and probably my– favorite shot).

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Michelle · August 25, 2009 at 1:49 pm

Love the pictures Erica! I think you have a good attitude about things. It's a good thing to enjoy life where you are at and appreciate the good things. Looks like you have LOTS to keep you busy! 🙂

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