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So I’ve come to an important, though albeit disappointing, realization today. I am way too intolerant these days. Quick tempered, easily frustrated with others, not as patient as I should be….
RAWR! Sometimes I feel like I could just bite someone’s head off!! Unfortunately, I tend to feel this way at work, which is bad because that’s where I spend the majority of my day. I feel unappreciated for job responsibilities I was asked to fulfill for about 6 months on a volunteer basis. I did a really good job with the assignments I was given, and I still am doing some things they passed off to me. Having become the temporary liaison for that time, it became assumed that I suddenly knew how everything worked in our system. I don’t. I know how to troubleshoot and think things through, but sometimes people still ask me questions as if I know everything and can figure out why the system does what it does. (I defy ANYONE to answer that question.) I like helping my coworkers, and they were really fabulous to help me out when I got bogged down a few weeks ago, but my attitude hasn’t seemed to recover yet. I need to fix something so I can find joy in work again.

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