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I thought it was time to get a new background for my blog. I’ve had that busy pink background for quite a while, and I was really feeling in the mood for something… different. It’s a little crisper, less frilly, and very satisfying for the onset of autumn and its colorful foliage.

I hope to finish tidying my room this weekend (cross fingers, knock on wood, rub the rabbit’s foot). Then our kitchen needs to be cleaned, and it would be really great to get a cute thing or two to make it look like we live there. A rug, a centerpiece…. something. I feel kinda like the mom in my apartment, in that I feel like I do more of the cleaning etc. But then, I also cook more, so it makes sense that I have more dishes to do. (I’m not complaining about this either. I actually loved doing my chores last Saturday, because it meant I actually had time to do chores!)

Well I suppose that is sufficiently random for today. World of Dance is going awesomely well! Opening night was a little rocky, but last night was so wonderful!! I’m excited to keep improving for tonight and our final shows on Saturday. I also have my camera today, and hopefully will get some pictures to post. The hair/make-up combination isn’t the most flattering, mostly because the slicked back hair makes me like rather bald but… oh well. I LOVE IT! Give me a stage any day, and I’ll be a happy camper 🙂

PS. This just in: I think I may be having a workplace fling. It’s just so sweet and refreshing, and I really am getting used to a daily fix. Talk about a cool customer though…. check this kid out!

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