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I was dashing out the door to school/work this morning, happy to have an effective window scraper (sad that I don’t have underground parking anymore), happy to be awake (even though sleep is so good) and happy to be driving my car (which needs gas and air in the tires– my afternoon project). Ok, so maybe I wasn’t consciously as happy as all that sounds, but as I drove up the hill past the Tanner and Hinckley buildings, then stopped to wait for the light, I saw something that brightened my day.

In the left turn lane was a red car with its flashers on, two young men standing at the back bumper. They were pushing the car. The green arrow came on and they needed to push the car up the last of the hill and through the left turn. They dug in their heels and started going… and not 10 seconds into it another guy, who was waiting to cross the road, ran over and joined in. Not a few seconds later, a fourth young man joined, having seen the scene as he was walking away from campus, down the hill.

They weren’t football players; they probably didn’t even know each other. I wonder if any of them even knew the driver of the car. They had places to be getting to and things that needed to be done. But in the crisp fall morning of pre 8 AM, they readily and un-begrudgingly gave service to someone in need. It impressed me. I had a big smile on my face as I turned into the ASB parking lot, ready to claim the prime “first” parking spot (the one next to the BYU official’s stalls).

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