Poem I didn’t realize I wrote

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I had to google the phrases, just to make sure I hadn’t copied someone else’s work. I saw this poem in one of my journals (ask me how many journals I have). I assume it was written between 4/6/08 and 4/11/08, because it is on a page between those two dated entries. There is absolutely nothing else on the page, besides a pen squiggle, to help me identify what inspired the poem. It doesn’t even seem complete….. but since I have no idea what I was talking about, I really can’t go back and finish it now, can I? In greatest humility, I was impressed with the imagery and lyric (which is why I had to google it and see if it was copied). For your enjoyment: the poem I didn’t know I wrote.

Face hid behind fan
Ever unattainable
Always unto death

Here within the court
Scents, sight, and ceremony
Useless days on end

He the golden child
Risen up to great power
Beloved by all

Original punctuation and spelling preserved

Addendum: I read through these some more and decided that they are three separate poems: haiku, to be precise. If you read them, they have the standard 5-7-5 syllabic line structure. I usually write free verse, so for these to have such a structured rhyme leads me to believe that I wrote these on purpose, as a practice in haiku.

Post Script to Addendum: I believe these three haiku are based on a class I took last year, Asian Literary Traditions. I’d say they best describe events in the Tale of Genji. Why I am slowly thinking of all this, I don’t know. But there ya go. I guess my mystery composition isn’t as exciting as I first thought.

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