Crop Circles

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It’s interesting how time overlaps and runs into itself. How slow it moves at times, while running faster and faster every day. I remember last Halloween so vividly. I had purple hair sticking straight up into the sky. I went bowling with the ward and saw Jean Valjean, who I most certainly had a crush on. A group of us, including Gandalf (Landon Christensen) waited in line to see the engineering haunted house, but for some reason we left before going inside. Kristen was Alice in Wonderland, Cami was Raggedy Ann, and they both helped me deconstruct my hair before we went to watch “I Am Legend.” It is so amazing how much changes in a year. I live in a different apartment, different ward …. which I need to make more of an effort to connect with. I had a very lame costume, although I did come out looking cute in the end. I went to a Halloween party… and saw Jean Valjean’s brother, who is now married, but at the time last year was just getting things going with the girl. Was it the very next day that we watched “Ironman” and I was SO psyched to be squished next to my Valjean? Indeed, it was. I shouldn’t say that I liked things better last year- it does no good to live in the past- but I really did like things last year. This year is just a bit more of a test, I guess. The rise and fall of a year….. time rolling over itself, into itself, through itself.

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