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Wow, I’ve been blogging for over a year and have now hit my 100th post marker! Pretty exciting, if I do say so myself. (Well, maybe it was really rather anticlimactic, but I figure it was worth celebrating anyways.) It’s always interesting to go back and read what I wrote in past months and year(s). Seeing where I have been helps me remember where I am going. I wonder, sometimes, if I wasn’t more on target in the past than I am each day… but I think that’s just the benefit of 20-20 retro-vision. So, here’s to transcribing the present to have a referent in the future that captures the past.

Here’s today’s gem for the past/future. I came across this in John Bytheway’s “What I Wish I’d Known When I Was Single.” It was a great read, with some excellent quotes, advice, etc. I found this one by Edison to be reflective of my dating….. I go out on a fair number of dates– quite a few compared to some girls– and yet am generally single and unattached. Why? I haven’t found my incandescent filament yet. It has yet to be discovered.

Results! Why, man, I have gotten
lots of results. I know several thousand
things that won’t work.
—Thomas A. Edison

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