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I figured, since this post seems like a continuation of the last one, that I would title it something progressive. This may mean that there are a few more dance related posts on the way, but does that really surprise you? Really?? I didn’t think so. After thinking I had finished my dancing days so many times, then realizing such was not the case, I’ve decided that nothing but being pregnant and confined to bed rest will get me to stop. I thought my knee injury my senior year of high school spelled the end. Nope. I thought leaving for college spelled the end. Was I ever wrong about that!! I thought being done with folk dance was the end. Happily, I was wrong yet again. I thought my denial from grad school in the dance program was the real end. Negatory. Since then I haven’t really felt like my dance has ended. I keep going through different phases, but there’s no definitive end to my dance. Granted, I did have to leave Clog America for this year, but I fully intend to re-visit that avenue, if it works out in the coming year or two. I’ll finish teaching Irish this year… and I don’t think I’ll continue with Academy of Ballet. It’s nice to get experience, but it’s not the teaching environment I’m looking for. I’ll continue on with Foot Poetry, the tap dance ensemble (annual big performance January 9th!!), and I intend to audition for another group. You may have heard of it….

The Radio City Rockettes Christmas Tour!!!

I saw them in Nashville, and they were wonderful. During intermission, my coworker and I were talking and I half-jokingly mentioned that I should be one. A bit to my surprise, she readily agreed and said I should go for it. She mentioned something one of the singers had said a few days previously at the Grand Ole Opry show… he chased his dream until he caught it. I’m not quite sure what my dance dream is. I just know that I love the stage. I can’t get enough of it, of real performance. And why not audition? I know I’m not the best dancer in the world, but I am good. I’ve spent the majority of my life developing this talent, this skill. It permeates so much of me. It finds its way into my papers (it sure did in my undergrad years when the topics barely related, yet I somehow brought in dance). It resonates within my soul. I can’t describe this– it defies language and words.

I’m listening to a SPAC CD compiled by Anthony Dunster and featuring my fellow dancemates from the 2006-7 Spring Performing Arts Company. Those people are so talented. They are fabulous singers, songwriters, guitarists, flautists, in addition to being amazing dancers. I really admire them and their talents. Songbird Rosie, sweet McCall (it was so fun to see her tonight!), rockstar Mikey, beautiful Rachel… if I were to envy people, these are a few that might appear on my list (the girls for sure). You know, though, my talents outside of dance are just not as obvious as these are. Writing is my other major strength, and I definitely see it as a talent that sets me apart just a little bit. It just doesn’t come across the same way as musical talents do. Nor does my cooking, which I think takes some talent, and neither do my other talents. It’s okay. But I do love having talented friends.

And, did they ever rock the house at Christmas Around the World!!! I don’t know if any dancers read my blog, but if they do, you guys were FANTABULOUS!! I really think it was one of the best shows I’ve been in/seen these past 6 years. It totally left me itching to come back and dance folk again. (Is that even an option I should seriously consider? Is it even an option? I am a student again………… I don’t know. We’ll see about that. It might have more merit had I made PAC ever. It wasn’t for lack of talent, I am confident. I just wasn’t the right person, for some reason. Anyways, leaving that tangent….). The opener was fantastic, and I thought it was a great way to feature more dances and dancers. I wish the floors were miked better during Elkridge a capella and the Irish stepabout, and I must say I missed hearing “Go Ye Now in Peace” at the end, although I didn’t mind it being omitted, as it always seemed to interrupt the flow of the finale energy. I still think Tesha and Mike Steele would make a cute couple, and I love that Toffer has found such a cute girl to date. I was thrilled to see Emily doing the classical Indian number (perfect fit, in my book!), and I love that Colin and Amy partner each other quite a lot. It’s cute. I can’t tell if I love Courtney more in Indian or Black Sea Turkish….. both are awesome. And basically the whole audience was in love with the Serbian ‘yips.’ Deborah is my favorite fiddler ever, Nate and Adam G. rocked the banjo section, and I was secretly hoping that Russell W. had his trick fiddle for Orange Blossom special. And Jesse on the drums? Now there’s a match made in heaven. I wish they had done the Chinese umbrella dance… Katie’s one of my favorites in that one. Erin looked great dancing out there, and three months (?) pregnant too?! What a star. And Shua…… attracting ladies’ hearts faster than an a bullet train….. what would we do without you? To all the alumni who danced tonight and/or danced when I was in the program (who may or may not read this) I love you! I loved dancing with you all and becoming friends with so many stellar people. You were my favorites, truth be told. Of course, three years worth of favorites makes for quite a lot 🙂 . Hooray for BYU Folk Dance, hooray for dance, and hooray for lives unfolding daily into new, great adventures.

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Bethany · December 6, 2009 at 11:24 pm

Amen- hoorah for dance. I miss it so much, but I am convinced I am not done. I was sure I would keep dancing no matter what but pregnancy kicked me in the bum. I am glad you are still doing foot poetry- i miss it! Have fun in the January show! And I loved your description of CAW- I had a moment of silence yesterday for the death of folk dance in my life. And rockettes? TOTALLY!

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