Pumpkin Soup

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For some reason I have a fascination with pumpkin soup. We never had it growing up. In fact, I never really have had pumpkin soup. I had a squash soup once that was quite tasty, and I can only attribute this strange pumpkin love to that soup. And it is faster to open a can than to cook a squash. Anyways, for some reason I felt like trying to make pumpkin soup again…. my previous attempt was not particularly successful. After following the recipe and finding the soup bland beyond belief, I started chucking in whatever spice seemed to fill the taste void. In the end it included salsa and soy sauce, chili powder and garlic seasoning, and a few other similar seasonings (garlic salt, dried onions, etc). I also threw in some fresh cut green onions. By that point I was tired of meddling and just wanted to eat. I topped it with some sour cream and a few splurts of lime juice. I’m not sure which one it was, but that topping combination actually turned the soup into a pleasingly palatable creation! I don’t know that I’ll continue attempting to make pumpkin soup, but thankfully this experience was a success tonight.

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