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Okay, not even a week into the new year and I’m already having never-before-experienced experiences!!! After about eight or nine years of driving, I have officially been pulled over!

Don’t worry, it was actually not that bad; nor was my driving the cause. I was coming back from Springville, toting Jeff with me, and had stopped at a light in Provo on University Avenue. I noticed the car behind me turned off his headlights, then turned them back on. That’s when I noticed that it was a police car. The light turned, I accelerated, keeping my eye on the lights behind me, and sure enough, they turned on. I say “sure enough” because I realized on Sunday night, when I drove back from SLC, that my left headlight had died. Thankfully Jeff and I bought one today, but he and Alex couldn’t replace it. I guess the battery is in the way, so they recommended I take it in to Dan, who could probably do it super fast. The officer walked up (I forgot the whole hands at ten and two thing…. oops) and asked about my lights. I told him I knew about the headlight and showed him the one we had bought. Then he asked if I knew my license plate light was out. I just realized when I wrote about him turning his lights off that that was him checking to see if my plate light was on or not. I didn’t know that, so he said to get it fixed. He then asked for my insurance. Jeff handed me the cards, but as I handed them to the officer I realized they were not current anymore. Bad.

BUT! How blessed was I this morning to remember to grab that envelope out of my laptop case and put it in my purse! I always have my purse when I drive, so until I switched out the car set, at least they’d be in the car when I was. I told him I had the updated ones in my purse, rifled through, and handed that to him as well. He gave them back and said to get my lights fixed. The whole stop lasted like…. two minutes, tops. My first time getting pulled over, ever! I’m glad it was for a good thing, like lights.

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