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In dance, all muscle training is done equally on the right and left side. Some dance forms, like Irish dance, preserve this symmetry in their dances– once you do a step on the right foot, you do it on the left foot. Then you move on to the next step, right/left. Some of my girls were getting a little confused yesterday when we were doing our two jig steps together. (By the way, I love this jig! I borrowed a step from the BYU curriculum- mostly because it was in my head- then came up with a nice second step to complement it. It rocks.) I emphasized to them that everything we do on the right foot, we do on the left foot too.

What is interesting in all this, is that despite the “balanced” training, we still end up with a dominant side. My right side is generally dominant when it comes to muscles. Perhaps this explains why every injury I get is on my left side. Bad left knee? Check. Bad shoulder? Check. Less hearing capacity? I’m pretty sure. Sometimes I wish I could just replace that half of my body with something a little better functioning. Ah well, that’s why we have chiropractors. Time to make an appointment.

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Hillary · February 6, 2010 at 3:17 am

Very interesting. But it makes sense! 🙂

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