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Who doesn’t love a Monday off work and school? Not that I have class on Monday, but it’s always nice to have a day off. And tomorrow will be Monday classes, so technically I do get a day off school. But that’s besides the point. Being the dedicated and hard-working lass that I am, I woke up bright and early to get a good start on the day. Well, that is if you count 11:30 am early and reading a novel for an hour and a half a good start. (I do.) A little bit of housekeeping, a shower and breakfast later, and I was ready to ponder how to spend my day. Alone. (Again, that’s beside the point. I usually spend free days alone if I don’t have rehearsal, and that’s just how life goes.) I decided to do at least one responsible thing today, so I dutifully got online to look up books for my research paper and presentation for Friday. I returned about half the books I checked out last semester, but I’m pretty sure I left with just as many books as I returned. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the written word!

Even better than finding good resources for my paper was the inspiration I had as I was leaving the library. My Friday professor keeps encouraging us to have “pithy” openings and conclusions. I had a good conclusion last time, but I need to work on the introduction. As I sauntered through the misty rain towards my car, along the near-deserted sidewalks, a sentence came to me. I scribbled it down as soon as I got to my car. Then, a second sentence grew as I waited for the lights to change. (Don’t worry, I waited until I got home to write that one down.)
As I got out of my car, I saw two girls in my ward also unloading, bearing bags of Banana Republic and other such stores. Compared to my bookish returns and blue polka-dot tote, it seems they had a much more interesting trip today. Oh well. Check out my pithy introduction… maybe one day I’ll be published and be so rich I can shop at great stores all the time!
(Please note: if anyone takes my incredible intro, I will hunt you down. Consider yourself warned, and the following sentences copyrighted.)

Over the centuries, dance has been used as a means of socio-political commentary, often pushing at the edge of outright activism. Inextricably woven in with aesthetics and artistry are threads of nationalism and social ideology.
Pithy? I think so. Now time to do the research for all the rest of it…
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