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So I hurried home from work to get ready quickly for my date (I for sure wasn’t going to wear my frump-ola pants!!) After managing to breathe once or twice and get myself attired, A– knocked promplty at 6 pm. Of course, not 10 seconds before that I had taken my hair down to fix it… so I jabbed the bobby pin back in where it mostly belonged and got the door. Door opens… and there framed in a blinding spotlight is my awesome date, A–. Honestly, it was blinding! (Okay, so my door faces west and has a great angle for the sun at 6 pm. It was still pretty cool). He smiled at my reaction and we left to walk to his car. BUT! No hand holding! What was up with that?? I pretended like I didn’t notice and that it didn’t matter and we went off to get a bite to eat before Color Me Mine.
Dinner was good- we went to Bajio. I need to talk less and eat more when I go out. I probably should just eat more in general for my life, lol. Anyways, so we finished there and went to Color Me Mine. I’d never been before. It was just the two of us when we got there, plus the gal at the front desk who knew A–. No, I did not have a thought of jealousy flit across my mind at that… why would you think that? So after that thought passed I wanted to make extra sure that I didn’t mess up on my part (charmingness, etc). And it worked! We had a great conversation as we picked out our pieces and paints, and that basically extended through the whole evening. I think we both got way more relaxed as we painted. I helped him with colors (he’s R/G colorblind) and he helped me with designs. << DUDE, he is so awesome!!! I’m the luckiest girl ever. >> Towards the end he had me “autograph” his piece by kissing the bottom of the plate. After my first try, where my nose got in the way, I started dying of laughter and turning red. Hahaha, quite red. The second try was more successful.  Of course I had to have him “autograph” mine as well. That was fun. We ended up painting each other’s faces too. That’s the whole point of painting, right?
Well we left and decided to go back to my place for hot chocolate. As we walked towards the door, I let my hand brush his. I think that’s when he remembered that we had held hands and maybe could do so again. Smiles all around. We took some pictures of our face paint (see blog). Then we mixed up some hot chocolate and sat to talk on the couch. We had a really great conversation. In the midst of said conversation there was a small pause. A– reached for my face/cheek and leaned in a bit. So I leaned in a bit. And then he finished leaning in…. 😀  Now, I may have kissed my fair share of boys, but that was a beautiful kiss.
Well, what more is there to say? I’m on cloud 9 (or maybe past that) and I get to see A– tonight and tomorrow. Life is good. I mean, it always is good to be alive but its even better when super duper happy things happen in life.
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