Dear Snow,

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Welcome to Spring. I know you are really excited to spend some time getting to know the budding leaves, the robins, and the elusive gaggle of spring flowers, but I think you need to re-evaluate your situation. You see, you and Spring really have no hope of ever making a lasting relationship. Your continual forays to establish such a connection are really more painful than just letting go and moving on. Not to mention the damage they wreak on innocent bystanders, such as myself. Do you really think I want to walk around today in your emotional spewing of snow? 

I know breaking up is hard to do. It happens to the best of us. But you’re much better off just letting go of Spring. She’ll never really appreciate you, and all those other cliche things people say. But really. Go. Come back in December and I’ll be happy to entertain you again, but this is Spring’s time. And you? You’re on your own. You’re uninvited… an unfortunate slight. 

See you in about 9 months. 


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