Tuesday Dislike

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I used to really like Tuesdays. Ever since we had our home school co-op days on Tuesdays, I’ve found them to be pleasant days. High school Tuesdays were pretty good, and even in college Tuesdays have devotionals or forums. Suffice it to say, Tuesday is my favorite weekday. (Because really, everyone loves weekends more than anything.) Anyhow, last week and this week Tuesdays have been the day that I don’t get to see A–. He has class until late, so I wouldn’t expect to see him until after 8 anyways. The joy of school and homework, being the undeniable force it is, we didn’t see each other last week. And of course I was completely hormonal last week and not at all happy about having to go a day without my A–man. This week looks like it will be the same– although sans hormones. I miss him. A wise friend helped me realize today, though, that as much as I want to see him…. he is graduating and needs to pass his classes. I do too, of course, but somehow it hasn’t been an issue for me yet. If anything, him being in my life is motivating. 

This isn’t meant to complain or anything. Mostly I’m wasting time that I should be using to work on my thesis presentation this Friday. I miss A– and don’t want to burden him by saying so; nor do I want to burden other people with my simple emotions of missing. 

Miss you, A–. 

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