Graduation Excitement!

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Aric is graduating today and I’m so excited!! Not only because I no longer have to compete with his homework for top priority, but because I finally get to give him his graduation gift!! I’m fairly confident he doesn’t read my blog, and there’s no pictures yet to post, and he’ll be getting the gift in the next little while, so…. I feel safe blogging about it. I just got part of it finished and it looks so good! My co-worker/friend Brittany helped me out with it a bit to get things fine-tuned, and she/we did an amazing job. The other portion is waiting at home. I’m bringing it a little home so it’s not so exposed when I give it to Aric. 

Well, that’s all the info  I’ll share right now. Look forward to my  next post, which will include pics from today and the actual gift. 

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