Seven Weeks

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Yeah, it has kinda flown by. Not that seven weeks is very long. But it has been long enough to learn many things and make lots of fun memories. It also just might represent the shortest time span for me to have the most kitchen fails. Ok, so maybe just two semi-fails. The oreo truffles last night turned out…… until I tried to dip them. Aric didn’t mind that only five looked “normal” but I was kind of sad that I ruined the chocolate and ended up turning out half a batch of hideous truffles. I’m sure they still taste fine…….. Yesterday we also, erm, took care of my other kitchen fail. So to celebrate Aric graduating, I made him the yummy olive garden pasta, and even whipped out some homemade breadsticks. Personally, I didn’t think the pasta turned out quite right… the sauce just wasn’t what it was supposed to be. And then the breadsticks…. don’t use expired yeast. It fluffed up in the bowl before I added flour so I figured it would be ok. Negatory. Those things came out about as flat as the bottom of an Everglades boat. Aric graciously ate one – maybe two? – but even fresh out of the oven they were an epic fail. The sat on my counter for the next week and a half, since we had vaguely discussed donating that failure to feed the ducks. As I was preparing dinner for us last night, I decided to just tidy up and toss the stuff. (And of course Aric asked if I still had them to feed the ducks with. I fished out about 2/3 from the garbage can for our outing.) Do you know how much of a fail those things were? We couldn’t even use our hands to break them apart for the ducks!! Granted, I hadn’t put them in an airtight bag so the air dried them out, but still…. Aric stomped them up so we didn’t kill the ducks with the potentially deadly missiles of bread. To be honest, it was pretty hilarious to see the resilience of my failed food. And the bigger chunks were good for hitting the big ducks who were trying to gnaw on the little ducklings.
 Despite my kitchen fails, it’s been a lot of fun. I learned how to tell that a plant is in the lily family yesterday, and I consequently explained the 3-3-6-3 formula to my co-worker today as soon as she got in. You’ve got 3 sepals, 3 petals, 6 stamens, and 3 pistils. It’s pretty cool when you look at, say, a tulip — it is in the lily family. You think it has 6 petals, but nope! Three of those are sepals. Crazy. And there are two types of chestnut trees on campus: the horse chestnut and the buckeye. Thanks to the movie assistance of “Where The Heart Is,” I believe the second chestnut we saw was a buckeye. It had droopy leaves in groups of 5. Apparently buckeyes will have leaves in groups of 5 or 7. Now I’m going to have to go back and check out the buckeye sapling on the movie to see if it matches…. ooh now there is some science at work, lol!
I passed my classes this semester! 
Ok, so I wasn’t exactly worried that I wouldn’t pass. In fact, after reviewing my grades in my one class, I knew I was pretty much guaranteed an A, barring any major bombing of my final paper. But when I turned in my thesis prospectus for my other class…… I was worried. It wasn’t much like the example one my friend was using, and turns out I was about a half page shorter than the required amount…. a fact I realized about half an hour after I submitted the prospectus for grading. Circumstances the evening I should have completed it were such that I absolutely could not focus or work on it. What revisions it got happened during my work breaks  Monday. You know, I wonder what will happen when I’m just doing graduate work, not working 40 hours a week as well. It can’t get much better than this semester, though. 

This semester I: 
  1. Figured out my thesis and narrowed down my focus
  2. Wrote the thesis prospectus
  3. Worked approximately 640 hours
  4. Rejoined Clog America
  5. Got a job teaching at BYU in the Fall
  6. Continued teaching at the dance studio 
  7. Choreographed most of the dance for the June recital
  8. Started dating the most fabulous guy ever
  9. Finished the semester alive and happy
  10. Got a 4.0 for the semester!

Ok, well this is a lengthy post. I’m not a wordy writer, not at all. HA! If you survived reading this, then hooray. If not…. I’ll try and put up some pictures next time. I think have some old pictures of food I’ve made (not kitchen fails) that need to be recognized. Hm, that sounds like a yummy idea. 

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Michelle · May 2, 2010 at 1:54 am

Way to go on getting a 4.0! That's great girl! Oh and for the record I'm sure you are a far better cook than you give yourself credit for. I've had way too many fails in the kitchen to count! 🙂 Glad you were able to feed the ducks with your breadsticks…sounds like fun! Love ya!

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