Crazy Dreams Remembered

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I used to think I didn’t have very cool dreams. And I would never remember them. So… that really made them uncool. Lately, though, I have remembered a few more dreams, and I gotta say, they are pretty crazy. Take last night, for example.

I was flying to Normandy, France with my dance group Clog America. We got there and settled into our dorms and whatnot. For some reason, though, I had to be back in the states the next day, so I stayed for a few hours, wandering around streets that definitely were not French, then went back to the terminal and flew home. We were staying over on 9th East at Chatham Towne Condos and I was with two guys. It was rather odd because one of them was Aric, and the other was Aric’s French-speaking brother Keith, but neither one had the right faces. In fact, I think at one point one of them looked like my sophomore roommate’s brother who I saw at church on Sunday. Then, for some reason, there was another girl with us on a grassy field who had an English Bulldog. It had a HUGE mouth! How do I know this? It was trying to bite me. Actually, at one point, as I was trying to get it away, it got my hand in its mouth. HUGE mouth. I told the girl he wouldn’t let me go and she said to just let him drag me where he was going, and then he’d let me go. So I basically played dead for a few seconds while I got dragged across the grass. And then he let go. I was very glad he didn’t bite my head or anything else as he puttered away. Then I think it was time to get ready to fly back to Normandy, but I woke up before that finished.

In other news, I’m happy to have a (mostly) working body. I’ve been being careful lately to not aggravate the lovely nasty sprain I got about 2.5 weeks ago and it just about kills me to not be able to do what I normally do. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be laid up on crutches for weeks or to not be able to move in general. I watched Aric play a game of ultimate last night while I read some homework. It’s a good thing I hadn’t wrapped my foot, otherwise I would have been sorely tempted to go join the game. 

Finally, in this modge podge of thoughts, I offer my personal “quote of the day” which I coined earlier this week… Monday I think it was. Enjoy. 

You are the subtext to my stream of consciousness
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