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 I know, I know… I should be in bed asleep. Or studying for my final tomorrow. Really, the urge to write on here hits me at the worst times. I’m either at work trying to focus or at home needing to do other things .. oh well! 

So remember how in April I sprained my ankle and even got it x-rayed because I could barely walk? Well I took pictures of it one day! And I downloaded said pictures just the other day. I hope you can handle what you’re about to see next. 

Apparently I didn’t get a very good shot of the swelling. But colors are so much prettier to look at than bulgy swellingness. You know what the best part is about these pictures? They were taken at least a week after I’d sprained my ankle. And two and a half weeks afterwards I played on my intramural Ultimate frisbee team. (I told that doctor that if he wanted me to not walk on it, he’d have to tell me that I needed crutches. I wasn’t about to voluntarily immobilize myself.) Don’t worry, I wore a brace on it. Still do, in fact. And probably will have it wrapped for most of the shows in Europe, depending on how it holds up. Speaking of Ultimate Frisbee, I’ll be posting some pics from our tournament game soon! 

PS- My foot doesn’t look like this anymore, if anyone was worried. It is 95% normal looking, and I’m probably the only person who can see the 5% not normalness of it. 

PPS- Now accepting donations for a pedicure. Icky feet!
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Michelle · June 18, 2010 at 12:57 am

Erica your ankle looks TERRIBLE! You poor girl! Oh and by the way I LOVE your blonde hair! Some days I really just want to go that blonde just for fun!

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