The day of July 8, 2010

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Tourists, let it be known that on the day of July 8, 2010, you were out-walked, out-pictured, and out-toured! Joni, Nikki, Sarah and I powered through Athens from morning till night, visiting everything from the Acropolis, the Theater of Dionysus, the museum, and local vendors to the ancient Agora, the tomb of the unknown soldier, and Hadrian’s library. But don’t let me bore you with words… here’s some pictures!

Sarah and I were twinners for the day! It was kind of planned… I saw Sarah wearing her shirt and decided it would be fun to wear mine to match. Thankfully, she didn’t mind. 

Theater of Herod Atticus. It’s been modified and is still used for various classical music and ballet and dance performances. I just love how modern Athens abuts the ancient sites, too. 

Joining the throngs of people headed up the Acropolis. We slept in and got there around 10:30 am so it was a bit more crowded. The extra sleep was worth it, though.

Temple of Athena Nike. Obviously we couldn’t go in and see around this building, but it would have been so cool to do so! If you’re wondering who Athena Nike is, think of the statue called “Winged Victory.” 

The Propylaea. This is one of my favorite shots. 

The Propylaea: this is the main entrance area for entering onto the Acropolis. When I walked through it was hard to believe that this incredibly well-preserved building was built thousands of years ago. Those Greeks knew how to make lasting monuments.

Looking away from the Acropolis, through the Propylaea. As I work on my photography skills, I’m going to remind myself that it is worth it to take the time to line up the shot you really want, not just take what you can get. This looks so much cooler when shot from straight down the middle. 

The Parthenon. Let me rephrase that. THE PARTHENON!

I was there!!

 West side of the Parthenon 
The pediment used to contain statues depicting the contest between Poseidon and Athena for patronage of the city. Obviously, Athena won. Athens, Athena… you get the idea

Parthenon, East side
The pediment on this side had statuary showing the birth of Athena

Detail of East Pediment
The horses are pulling the chariot of Helios, sun god

East side, Parthenon

Caryatids, South porch of the Erecthion

Erecthion, viewed from the west

Aeropagus (Mars Hill) as seen from the Acropolis

Theater of Dionysus
This is where theater began!! Early writers like Aeschylus, Sophocles, Aristophanes, and Euripides had their works performed here

Sarah, Nikki, Joni, Erica

We’re still going strong! And keep in mind, this is all pre-lunch.

Temple of Zeus

Temple of Zeus

Temple of Zeus, with partial view of the fallen column

Corinthian column, Temple of Zeus

Sarah and I are so excited to be in Athens at the Temple of Zeus

Erica, Sarah, Nikki, Joni

Our feet…

At the changing of the guard at the Parliment building. There are 400 (?) pleats in the uniform, representing the 400 years they were under Turkish rule. I need to double check that number, though.

View of the Acropolis from the North side, near the Ancient Agora

Somewhere in the Ancient Agora, Socrates committed suicide. Go hemlock

Temple of Hephastus

Nikki, Joni, Sarah, Erica

What a long day!! We left the Ancient Agora, caught the metro, and went home. I don’t even remember if we ate dinner or if we just had ice cream. Either way, it was good!

And that was our epic day of sightseeing in Athens.

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Anonymous · July 28, 2010 at 5:42 pm

great pictures Erica!! What a fun day!

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