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That’s a new video that came out today. Erica plays video games? No. Someone else does, and they were very much looking forward to “opening night,” as it were. So here I am. I’m tired of working on class prep and I think I have enough planned for tomorrow to completely flood my poor students’ minds, so it’s time for a break. I’m thinking a nice foot scrub and new paint job on the toes would be nice. Somehow my feet have managed to get into horrendous shape since Turkey. I know, I figured they’d be hashed during the trip, not after. Maybe it’s the dry weather and lack of humidity. Suffice it to say, I need to invest in something for these suckers. Wow, can we say I’m rambling? Well, I am. I like to hear the click click of my keys. I like my computer very much, and the keyboard has great action. It’s something I notice. Probably like how I notice piano key action. I LOVE Petrof pianos. They have excellent action. I would also love to play a Bosendorfer one day. Did you know, the pianoforte was invented because Beethoven needed a more expressive instrument on which to play his compositions? Yeah, cool stuff. And Bosendorfer, in Vienna, was the company that crafted it for him. The first one was a massively grand piano, probably 10+ feet long! My dream piano is the one I met years ago… the Petrof grand piano that cost like $17k. It was beautiful and played wonderfully. I miss the piano.  Ugh, so I went and worked out today and I certainly am feeling the effects. It’s not so much the good muscle pain as the, oh my lower back muscles feel strained kind of pain. I’m debating between pink toes and blue toes. I’ve had red for the longest while. I never used to think I could pull off red toes, because my feet tend to be red anyways; then I tried it one day and decided it wasn’t all that bad! I gave myself a blister the other day with my sandals. I have a dance audition on Saturday… Clog America again! I also auditioned last week for a special tap number to be performed at the Faculty Works concert in October, so that is exciting. I was so euphoric afterwards… I guess I really do love dance 🙂 This is getting longer and longer and more and more stream of consciousness– less coherent as far as flow goes, and the narrative line is essentially non-existent. I mean, the narrative line makes sense to me because the thoughts, like beads on a necklace, lead logically from one topic to the next. But that mostly just works in my mind…. 

Ok. I hope you enjoyed my mental spewings. I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention something in there. I keep thinking about cheese too. I love cheese. My back is still sore. I’m going to scrub my feet (and not scrub off my blister) and feel beautiful. I sweated muy mucho during my workout today and could handle to do something beautifying. Oh, a picture! That’s what I forgot. 

This seems fitting. It’s the Great Salt Lake, as viewed from Saltair, but I played with it in Photoshop and turned it into a psychedelic frenzy. And now, we shall call that a conclusion. 

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