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When Prop 8 was a big deal, especially when it was overturned by the judge, there was a lot of commentary going on nationwide. I followed it, to an extent, and even started reading the judicial ruling made by that judge. It was hugely long and I didn’t finish it, but it was very interesting to read. I’m pretty sure the opposition had a better-developed argument, and the lawyer on “our” side might have done more to bring credible evidentiary support to the issue. Regardless, I eventually stopped reading the case and news articles and commentary because it engenders (hah, great word choice for the topic) so much controversy. Controversy. That’s probably what I react to more than conflict. Conflict can be resolved. Controversy, on the other hand, seems to be an endless litany of arguments with no end in sight. 

So what spurred this discussion tonight? Essentially the same thing. Elder Packer’s conference talk has riled people up everywhere. I personally really appreciated his insights. I’ve thought a lot about the issue of gay rights versus the definition of marriage. Part of me recognizes that there is a population out there that is not going to disappear and will continue to demand recognition and equal treatment. The other part of me is entirely set on the fact that marriage is, has been, and always will be between a man and woman. Nothing else qualifies for that title. To hear President Packer discuss how man’s laws cannot supersede God’s laws seemed to settle some of those difficulties in my mind. Of course, the homosexual community is up in arms about the issue. (Interesting, because the talk was as much about pornography and overcoming sin in general as it was about anything else.) 

People picket and hold gatherings to denounce the Church and its teachings. People can be cruel. There are Facebook pages supporting President Packer but they are riddled with negative comments, detractors who lambaste members, leadership, swear, post links to Facebook groups encouraging people to leave the Church. It’s ridiculous. I fully support the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have no doubts that we are led by a living prophet, and the apostles likewise have the ability to receive revelation and inspiration. I believe that we must move forward with love for our fellow brothers and sisters, regardless of their situations. I realize it’s naive of me to wish for the days when controversial topics involving the Church were less public and less significant. But this is the day and age we live in. There will be controversy and detractors. In a sense it is a weeding out process, and I believe that it’s something each person will have to personally decide (meaning their commitment level). 

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. 

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Jenny Alama · October 13, 2010 at 6:25 am

I completely agree. I believe President Packer was inspired to give this message (and it surely about overcoming sin and making the right choices in ALL things, not just homosexuality. That was like 2 sentences of the whole thing). Things are only going to get worse and as sad and scary as that is, it only makes me stronger in my faith that this church is true and loving to all. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

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