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Dear friends,

I believe in prayer. I love it. It has been a life-saver for me, so many times in my life. I will be forever grateful to my parents for raising me in a home filled with prayer, teaching me how to find answers and peace and guidance. 

I sometimes joke with my mom about my patterns of calling her… generally we talk about once a week on the phone, chat way too much on gmail-chat, and maybe text here and there. But then I’ll start calling her almost every day. And my mom and I have both learned that for me and calling her, no news is good news. So if I’m calling every day…. well, its probably not great news. Prayer should not be like that, although I won’t deny that my count increases with hard times.  I love that I have someone constantly able to “pick up the line” and listen to me. Someone that can give me true guidance and inspiration. It’s always hard to stare into the abyss of darkness and wonder what’s going to happen when you step out there. I sort of dislike heights, and consequently am not a huge fan of falling. So often when you step into the darkness, its more like stepping off a tall ledge than stepping forward on a path. 

I feel like I’ve been standing at that precipice lately, staring into utter blackness that refuses to offer the slightest hint of what is to come. I’m pretty sure that I’ve taken the last teensy toe-hold off that ledge and am now waiting for the impact. All things considered though, I know that it doesn’t so much matter what I see right now– someone else is guiding me. It is still scary and I still don’t really know what is coming next. But I have my guide, watching and leading from a much clearer viewpoint than where I stand. 

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Jenny Alama · October 22, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Couldn't have said that better myself. Prayers are my lifeline. The thread that holds me together at times. Isn't it so great we can do ANYTIME, ANYWHERE? I heart prayer. And I heart you.

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