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So about nine years ago I ran a 5k race. And came in dead last. As in, the water girls and the police car that marks the end of the race were my companions for… honestly? probably nearly half the race. At least the last third of it. 
Fast forward to this fall. My roommate and I decided we wanted to get into a workout routine, and we opted to run. In order to help motivate ourselves, we signed up for a 5k race, the Highway to Hale Halloween race. My goal: not come in last place! I’m happy to say, I succeeded in meeting my goal. I still want to improve my time, but I’m super excited with how I did! I came in 23 out of 52 in my age group, and 176 out of 325 overall! 
(Sorry for the tabs of my browser. That’s what it looks like when I do class prep.)
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