That’s one thing you’ll never hear me say

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Things that are extremely unlikely to ever be uttered by me:
I think I’ll quit dancing
I don’t like reading
Pink is the ugliest color in the world
I wish I could belch the ABC’s
I’m looking a little skinny these days… I need to gain 10 lbs
Sleeping is overrated
Food is evil and should be avoided
I miss running 

Oh wait.

Forget that last one! Yes, folks, it is official. 

I miss running!

I never in a million years thought that I’d every say that, let alone actually feel the pangs of missing running. It’s not something I’m particularly good at, and it’s not something I particularly love, but I do in fact miss it. Since running my race on Halloween Eve, I really haven’t hit the road much. I got in a decent hill run last Saturday (after a week of general inactivity), and I’ll probably try to get in a short run before rehearsal this Saturday. I tried to get some time on the elliptical on Tuesday, but I went to the gym at quite the wrong time and all that was left was the stair stepper. Yeah… and I actually did the thing for 20 minutes. I pretended that I was hiking a mountain with a cute boy. 
But really, two weeks and such minimal physical exertion has taken its toll! Little did I realize at the time, but running not only gave me a great workout, it also gave me endorphins which made me happy about life and more energized to complete my never-ending To-Do list. The list just keeps growing, it seems, and I definitely need to have motivation if I ever want to get through it. (My goal is to stay alive through December 3rd. After that, all bets are off). I just wish the weather were not so cold! Not being a major fan of running, I really dislike running around in circles on a track. But it’s either run indoors on a track or treadmill (which is 10x worse than a track) or bundle up and freeze myself for 20 minutes each cold and dark evening. I still haven’t decided which is worse, uh, I mean better, but let it hereby be known that I am getting back on the running horse on a more consistent basis. Besides all the side-benefits, I’d like to run another 5k again and have an improved time. So… I guess I better find one and start working to that goal again. 
And that’s the end of things you never thought you’d hear me say. And really? I probably never will say any of them. Sure I wrote about missing running, but did those words pass my lips? I think not.  
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