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Wow, was today really only Thursday? Wednesday seems so long ago. Can I just say that the end of Wednesday was completely amazing and wonderful? Well, it was. So there. 

I should be asleep right now. Or reading something, since I’m obviously not asleep right now. Instead I’m blogging. About how I should be sleeping. 

I went and visited Megan tonight (and Natalie. Ethan was asleep). It’s nice to just chill with family and see my cutest-ever niece! 

I drove home from Springville. It’s too far to walk, you know? So I’m driving and minding my own business when something smacks against my driver-side window. What the…?? It’s so weird, because it was almost an out-of body experience… like, I feel like I watched myself flinch. I’m just glad I didn’t swerve when I flinched. The idiot car next to me had a bunch of punk kids in it who were gadding about with water balloons. Let me tell you, we’re all lucky that nothing broke. Like my window. Or their heads. Ok, ok, I’m pretty much a non-violent person, so their heads would never be in any danger. But it’s a good thing their illegal activity didn’t actually cause true harm or damage.

What are you supposed to do in those kinds of situations? I know a lot of things, but that’s something I’ve never learned or been prepped for. Kind of like the “I just ran over a dog and have no clue what to do” scenario. Have I mentioned that I once ran over a dog? And didn’t know what to do? I still remember that when I drive on that street. Someone should write a guidebook for how to handle rare and somewhat random situations like that. I  could sure use it.

It’s cold. I need to take my contacts out. It’s way past bedtime. WAY. Oh man. This ends now.  I must leave this bed so I can truly return to it. 

Sorry you just read the most random post ever. I hope it was…. randomizing. And someone really should write that book. 
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Jenny Alama · November 20, 2010 at 7:21 pm

I agree about the book. Fez and I are pretty sure we saw someone steal in front of us at the checkout line in Wal-Mart. We had NO idea what to do. It was awkward. I hope she really didn't and if she did that it will haunt her guilt and she won't do it again.

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