Kindle-ing and Reading

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First off, I LOVE my new Kindle. It’s glorious! I wish I didn’t have to write a thesis this semester because I would love to just sit in bed all morning and read my Kindle. And stay up late (3 am Friday night) and read my Kindle. Who cares about responsibility? 

Ok, before you get too concerned, I am planning to be better this week. Like get to campus before 10 am. Or 11 am. My goal is actually 8-8:30 am. And write a proposal for grant money for the conference I’m going to in March whereat I’ll present a paper on Irish Dance. And grade the assignment my students turned in on Thursday. And prepare class for them for this unit. And write/research more for my thesis. Ugh. Do I really have to do all that this week?!? (That and more, of course.) 

Well, that went downhill fast. In brighter news, I have some pictures to share. Pictures of my amazing book-ness and reading ability. Between September and December (3rd), I read the following books. 

There’s at least one book not pictured, although it eludes me right now which one it might be. Plus the one or two “fun” books I read. Those take a lot longer because they’re usually my “soak in the tub” books and I don’t do that often. 

I feel like my posts these days are random and disjointed. I guess maybe it’s a reflection of the inner state of mind? Nah, because my inner state of mind is not disjointed. It very much wants to stay in bed and read my Kindle!! (Between that and my new mini-chopper, I had the best birthday EVER! Way to go parents on making the 25th birthday amazing!) I would stay and try to salvage this post, but I need to wake up tomorrow and be studious. And I’m pretty sure I can hear my Kindle beckoning me to come to the bedroom… oh so scandalous. Silky leopard-print PJs, Kindle… all I need is some chocolate and roses! 

I promise to try and be better (more coherent) in my blogging next time. 

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