Finding Heaven- Elder Kikuchi

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How can we be more cheerful, enthusiastic, sincere? Increase Godly love and be more positive, bring more energy into our lives? How can we exercise moral agency in an inspired way? We need to improve our relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ daily. 

  • Pray daily: draw near unto Him and He will draw near unto me.

  1. Personal morning devotional
    • Create a sacred grove where divine communication can happen
    • Arise early, shower, dress, pray and communicate 
    • Attitude of humility, willingness
    • Express gratitude
    • Promise: life will be changed. Feel close to Heavenly Father, more than ever before. May feel overwhelmed by Spirit. Personally feel His love as never have before. 
  2. Immerse self in scriptures
    • John 17:3 … we might know thee, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.
    • After morning devotional, spend some minutes reading scriptures
    • Book of Mormon can help us escape darkness
    • Personal relationship with Saviour 
    • Promise: reading Book of Mormon daily will increase testimony of Jesus Christ as personal Savoiur. 
  3. Purify life through Saviour’s sanctifying power
    • Become before Father – be cleansed from all sin
    • Atonement – At One Ment
    • Abide the principles of repentance
    • He is a real person, as real as a man. Incredible celestial love He has for me. Be worthy before the Lord to have this perfect relationship
    • True oneness with the Lord  Jesus Christ- possible through Atonement
    • He can make me holy and forgive my sins, after repentance
    • John 14: 26-27
Heavenly Father lives and loves us. Our Saviour Jesus Christ lives. 

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