Skinny Minny (?)

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We had a ward activity tonight and one of my friends in the ward (and my neighbor) said I looked like I had lost weight. Truth? I have. I lost 5-10 lbs during Fall semester, for reasons not entirely clear to me. (I ran more frequently and ate more protein, so I think those were the two main factors. I hope. I know I have bad eating habits sometimes, but I don’t think those would cause me to shed the weight, as they haven’t before.) Do I really look that different? I don’t have a lot of current pictures for right now, but… you get a sense.

August 2010
October 2010

December 2010


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Unknown · February 8, 2011 at 1:57 am

I'd say this pic is proof that you are the epitome of class and beauty Erica. Oh how I do miss you.

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