Monday Accomplishments

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Today was a good day. It started off very well, with me sleeping in, but also waking up. Does that make any sense? Of course not! What I mean is that I slept in this morning, but rather than feeling draggy and waking up late in the day, I woke up naturally (ish) around 8:30 am. The sun was shining through my blinds and I just felt like it would be a good day. I read a chapter from the Book of Mormon, had a morning prayer, then got ready for the day. Work was nice and went by quickly. I got the chips in my windshield fixed, worked on my resume, and made delicious skillet lasagna. (A recipe that desperately needs to be shared with EVERYONE, that’s how good it is.) I went to FHE and had a very enjoyable time getting to know the people that showed up. We played the toilet paper game, and one of the girls had seven pieces. One of her questions was to list three turn-ons and three turn-offs for her in guys. I liked what she articulated: she likes guys that have ambition, who are nice, and who are athletic. I’ve decided I really need to write down my list of what I want, and especially how to decide what qualifies (aka, what makes a guy “nice”?) I’m going to do my 20 minute Turbo Jam workout and work on class things or thesis tonight. 

Today was a good day.

I am thankful today for sunshine mornings and for my flexible schedule this semester that allows me to sleep in some days. 
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