Wednesday and Thursday: I’m Flying

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So Wednesday night I went to see the BYU production of Peter Pan. It was amazing! I went by myself, which is a big thing because I generally hate going to things like that alone. But I just did it. And I had a wonderful time. The show was extremely well-done, and it was the perfect way to spend an evening. It honestly lifted my spirits… and my insides soared as the people on stage flew! I could go on and on about it, but the main focus of this blog is gratitude and more spiritual things. Seeing Peter Pan helped me realize a few things. 

  1. I am grateful that I live in an area that is saturated with cultural events. I love plays, musicals, music performances, dance shows, and I have so many opportunities to see people share their amazing talents. 
  2. I am thankful that I don’t have to feel bad about going to see shows because they might not be someone else’s cup of tea. Last semester I went to two dance shows, but nothing else. It was football or comedy shows. I want someone that cares a teensy bit about experiencing the arts, beyond me buying the tickets and bringing them along. 
  3. On Wednesday, I was extremely grateful because I felt a smidge of internal happiness. Nothing huge; not instigated by events in life; just a little bit of internal happiness.
  4. Thursday was even more a day for gratitude because I felt more internal happiness than the day before!! 
  5. I also babysat Ethan and Natalie for a few hours during the morning. I was thankful to realize that I could handle two kids. I didn’t do much, really…. fed Natalie some rice cereal, managed to get Ethan to finish his food, wiped up kids and kitchen after breakfast, played toys, and put Natalie down for her nap. Managing kids is a lot of work, but I felt like it was something that (one day) I will be able to do well, with my own kids. And thanks to nieces and nephews who fill the kid-void in the meantime.
  6. Another thing to be grateful for? I found two people to come to the Valentine’s Benefit. Admittedly, I didn’t have them pay the $250 for the tickets. But at least they’re coming and hopefully they will bid on some auction items. It’s great to have family that will support me in my hobbies.

Well, I need to deal with some less pleasant aspects of today…. buying a flight to San Fran for the conference (only bad because it costs money, lol) and dealing with AT&T and my phone/charger issues. I’m still ticked. But I’m also sweet. You see, I can say that because that’s how several people in my ward have described me (in conversation, they’ll say to me that I’m “so sweet”). So it’s not pride, it’s fact. (Will I ever get over that??) Anyways, it’s time to get my game face on, run errands, and hopefully get some thesis written this afternoon as well. 

Life is happy. I’m not sure why. I’m fairly certain that it’s the Lord doing something… but I have no idea what that is! Changing my heart? Helping me feel peace and joy? Really, I don’t care so much about the details of why. I’m just thankful to be feeling more and more happy every day.

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