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Yesterday I made some yummy cookies! It was great to get done with work, finalize travel plans for my conference, come home and just bake! The dough was AMAZINGLY delicious, and the cookies were great too — aside from the first batch which got slightly overbaked. I also spent an inordinate amount of time talking with my roommate about wedding stuff last night. It was fun to talk about dates, look at colors and flowers, pull out old bridal magazines left behind by my roommate who got engaged/married during this same time last year. While I do find my roommate annoying about some things, for the most part we get along well. I really appreciated her sharing so much with me and letting me get involved in thinking up ideas. We even spent about 4 hours today going ring shopping together!! We both found rings that we loved. I saved the design number of mine so I can go back in a few years, should someone ever need to purchase me a ring. So… for Friday we’ll say my gratitude is for my roommate, who is so willing and excited to share her wedding prep experience with me. 

Today I went and volunteered! I’ve talked/thought about doing volunteer work for a while, but never followed through. Well, a friend of mine works at the Hale Center Theater in Orem and they were putting on their annual 10k/5k winter run this morning. I’d actually contacted him earlier in the week to see about volunteer opportunities, more for shows/productions. But he needed people to assist with the event today, so I managed to haul myself out of bed to get there at (slightly after) 8:30am. (Let’s not talk about how awful my sleeping/waking habits have been so far this semester.) I got my awesome looking beanie, was ever so thankful that I’d chosen to exchange the BYU zip hoodie for my real winter coat (with gloves), got hit on by a young man who I’m fairly certain had some sort of disability… not a hugely obvious one, maybe something more of mental, resulting in not the greatest social adjustment. Despite asking personal questions (have you been on any hot dates lately?), he was sweet and actually brought me a cup of hot cocoa. I tried to keep our conversation less personal and more focused on him answering questions. He was friendly and kind, and our interaction offered me some food for thought. It also revealed that I’m way not into getting hit on so obviously and that I tend to be less talkative in the mornings. There were a few other volunteers who were clearly high-functioning, yet had some type of disability, and when I was at my post for the race I was near a yard where two kids with Down Syndrome were playing (pretty sure both had that… if not that, it was something). It’s not something I’ve been exposed to as much, but I felt more comfortable than I have in the past. But maybe that’s just because I could keep a distance? Who knows…. the point is, I’m grateful that I had a chance to go volunteer (and that I followed through!) and that I could meet some people that I normally wouldn’t encounter. 
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