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Well maybe being happy isn’t as easy as I thought it was going. And while maybe I could blame today on hormones… I would also want to blame most of January on the same thing and I don’t think I’m that screwed up. Perhaps its just because I’ve been sick and spending more time at home (aka alone) than at work, but today I am feeling more dissatisfied with Provo. I mean, that’s my general feeling about this place lately, but today it’s more marked. I want out. I want change. I fine with not dating – I just don’t want to not do it here. 

Today I am grateful for my class. I really enjoy teaching, and I have a fun, smart class this semester. They’re great at grasping concepts and participating in class. Between teaching them and preparing/presenting the material, Humanities 101 tends to be the bright spot of my week. 

I’m also grateful for prayer. I was feeling down earlier and just felt like I needed to pray. There’s so many things I want to pray for, things I think I need, but I just asked for peace to be satisfied and get through today. It’s worn off a little bit, but it is always so reassuring to feel the warmth of peace settle over my soul. I hope I can tap into that more consistently tomorrow. I hope its just the sickness of my body that has gotten me down more, but I’m going to focus more on maintaining happiness either way. 
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