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I have decided that I am going to try and start my work each day by reading something from, from the current issue of the Ensign or the Conference issue (until I run out and have to search more!). Last night was not a good night. Which made this morning… well essentially this morning didn’t happen. I really wish I could break out of this cycle. Anyways, whenever the day ends up starting, I want to start it right. So this is my new goal. Today I actually read through about 3 articles. (Do I read too fast??) I feel more at peace, and that’s the feeling I want to have with me as I start my days. 

Another thing that helps me? Chatting with my mom. We get on Gmail and chat for a while pretty much every day. It helps me remember the balance and normalcy of life. It reminds me that someone loves me today. Sometimes it just helps keep my mind occupied so I don’t think about the past or my dissatisfaction with some things in the present. It’s like an outrigger! You know, those attachments they put on small boats so they can paddle in the ocean with less fear of getting toppled? 

So bring it on waves! (But really, it’s okay if you don’t pummel me… ever.) Because I have my outriggers ready and while you might get me to almost tip over, this boat won’t be capsized. 

Please note that the awesome outrigger is hot pink. It was meant to be!

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