Wow. A conversation I could have lived without

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Jenelle:  hey, I have a question for you
I hope this doesn’t upset you either
 me:  ok
 Jenelle:  when did you and Matt go to Yellowstone?
 me:  august
 Jenelle:  he was still dating someone
I may be wrong, but yesterday something interesting happened
we were leaving stake conference and my roommate (not Alexis) was pointing out how tall Luke is and such and he was walking next to Matt
I told her I knew Matt and she asked how
I explained that you two had been dating and she said. . .”uh, they must have started dating right after he broke up with his girlfriend (someone that is in our ward)
and I said, “ummm. . . when did he break up with her?”
“In September”
I didn’t say anything
I was at a loss for words
 me:  i knew he had dated someone in his ward during last winter semester
but it ended in april according to him
 Jenelle:  not according to her apparently
 me:  he was gone in atlanta all summer…. is your roommate sure they were still dating during then??
 Jenelle:  I said, “wasn’t he gone all summer”
and she was like, “yeah, I think they long-distance dated”
I mean, this could all be my roommates misunderstanding or her only hearing things
but it just sounded so shady
I was just glad you still aren’t dating him
even if you were I’d bring this up, not to spread gossip but just to clarify and see what’s true or not
 me:  oh man
i don’t know if I care what the truth actually is at this oint
i just feel so dumb all over again
tomorrow is 2 months since we broke up
 Jenelle:  I don’t want you to feel dumb
I want you to feel empowered that you’re not with him anymore
 Sent at 11:38 PM on Monday
 me:  well…… i’m not sure how I feel

**I don’t care what the truth is, at this point. If he did have a girlfriend still, then that’s a reflection on his character. And if he didn’t…. well yet again I’m going to give him more than maybe he deserves. The benefit of the doubt. Two months since the break up today. I’m glad he’s gone. I learned a lot. I hope I never have to learn a lesson that way ever again. 
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