Happy Day of Love and Chocolate (formerly known as Saint Valentine’s Day)

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Love Is Not Blind

That’s a good talk. In other news, I ran into someone today that I completely did not expect to see at this venue. It went well. While I might have chosen a less-ironic day, it’s good to know that the past can generally stay where it belongs. 

Also. Apparently another guy was totally checking me out for a while (says my friend Jenelle), although I didn’t notice it obviously until a minute or two before he joined our dance circle. Props for his gutsiness on just joining us, because it really was kind of obvious…. especially when he promptly danced next to me, leaned in and asked my name. He thought he knew me from somewhere, but I don’t think we really did. Anyways, we danced, then talked, then he suggested we depart the dance floor in order to facilitate actually hearing each other. (Yeah, the DJ wasn’t the best one I’ve heard.. no offense.) We talked for a bit and had a fun time interacting. You’ll never guess what his name is. No, really, never ever. Yet another irony of my past, but his name is Erik. Not Aric, not Eric, but Erik. Yeah…… time to re-watch “The Importance of Being Earnest” again? Anyways, the music was getting good so he got my number and we rejoined the dance floor. Ready for more overlaps? He graduated in finance from BYU, although given his mission dates I’m pretty sure it was with his undergrad degree, not a master’s. 

Suffice it to say, tonight was a most interesting Valentine’s Day evening. 

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