He’s Just Not That Into You

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I used to hate the sound of this book. And I especially hated when people would hear my dating stories and spout off that phrase. Still, I decided that I ought to give the concept a fair trial, so I borrowed a censored copy of the  book. (Some sections don’t directly apply to LDS dating standards.) It was all right. It had some good points. My dislike for the concept lessened. A little. 

It wasn’t until I went through another relationship setback that I truly appreciated the philosophy in this fabulous lime green and hot pink book. Like they say in the beginning, it may be hard to hear this but it really is life-changing!! He is just not that into you. And that is a good thing because we women deserve someone who is into us.  Take my roommate: she started dating this guy a few months before he left the state for grad school. They started meeting halfway between states on the weekends, then finally he just started driving back here twice, sometimes three times  a month. Now that is what love looks like. And they’re getting married this summer. 

Now, I don’t really need someone to drive 20 hours each weekend to prove they are into me, but there are some basic tenets discussed in the book. And I’ve decided that not enough people have read this book. It would make dating so much easier! It’s like the first chapter says: if he’s not calling you, he’s just not that into you. So move on! Someone out there will be into you and will do everything in his power to show that. Girls need to read this book and chill out about “the game.” And it wouldn’t hurt if guys read it too! 

If I ever get to send a girl off to college, I’m packing this book for her. 
(And thanks for sending me my copy, mom!)

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Michelle · March 26, 2011 at 10:36 pm

Seriously such a great book! When I read it when I was single it totally changed how the way I looked at dating. I'm glad you realize that you deserve someone who is into you and appreciates how great you are! 🙂

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