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In March I went on a double-date with Jenny, Fez, and Fez’s friend Rowdy. Activity of the day? FLOWRIDING!! I think this is actually a shot of the place in Ogden where we went. I had never been before, but I was hoping that my wakeboard skills might help me out. It took a bit to figure out what board worked for me and then how I needed to work the board to stay up, but I had such a blast! I totally got whiplash from some amazing spills that I took early on, plus some nice bruises. The best part, though, was actually riding the wave! I started off holding onto a rope so I could figure out my balance, then I would toss it back and go solo, like this guy below. Ok, so maybe I wasn’t exactly carving the waves, but I had some good moments sans-rope and was really proud of my progress! Woot for trying new things and having a blast with awesome people.
Then, the next weekend, I decided to be impulsive and buy a ticket to see Riverdance. It was on tour through Salt Lake City during General Conference and since I was planning to go north for the weekend anyways, it made sense to take in the show. I bought the best ticket I could find, and it ended up being the perfect seat! I was on the balcony level, first row, and dead center. Of course, I wouldn’t have minded being closer so the attractive Irishmen could have flirted with me, but from a critical standpoint I seriously had the best seat ever. The show was absolutely astounding, with an amazing cast of dancers and musicians. Having been preparing my conference paper about Riverdance and healing, it was especially great to experience the actual event, something I’d never done before, despite my love of the style! In addition to the resounding Irish dance, the flamenco dancer was one of the best I’ve seen, and the tappers were also absolutely wonderful. 

 I can’t wait to find more new adventures this spring and summer!
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Jenny Alama · April 18, 2011 at 5:23 am

yeah yeah! so now that we're moving to provo in a few weeks we'll have to go check out the new one there. Much closer!

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