Elaborate Lives

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After reading this blog, written by a friend and folk dance teammate, this beautiful song from Aida came to mind. It’s been a nice little reminder on a night when I feel extremely overwhelmed with the thesis and how much is still not done… there’s just too much to be said!! Even if there weren’t too much to be said, I still haven’t written enough yet. There’s some major organization and finalization of chapters 2 and 3 that needs to happen, ideally before I  meet with my committee member on Thursday. With this nasty wet and cold weather I just haven’t had as much motivation to write. It’ll be awesome in a few weeks when I just have to send it in and call it good as is. 

For tonight, though, I’m going to think a few moments on how blessed my life is, even with the fun and crazy challenges and deadlines I face. 

Life is not fair; life is elaborate; life is meant to be lived. 
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